Why Hormipresa


  • Minimalism
  • 10 × 10 m open spaces
  • White architectural concrete
  • Maintenance-free
  • 3D BIM design
  • Open system for all architectural projects

Energy efficiency

Homes in terms of energy efficiency

  • All of our homes are three times more energy efficient than traditional houses.
  • Hormipresa walls ensure maximum savings due to their efficiency.
  • Our systems provide the home with maximum thermal stability.
  • Possibility of a passive or almost zero consumption house thanks to the use of bioclimatic architecture systems.
  • Equip your future home with new building service systems: underfloor, aerothermal and geothermal heating systems, pellet boilers and dual flow ventilation.
  • Home automation.

House value

  • 40 years of experience behind us.
  • Greater durability compared to conventional houses.
  • A house for life, a secure and stable investment.
  • Increased resale value.
  • Unlike traditionally built homes, from the moment you sign the price quote, you will know how much it will cost to build your dreams.The long life and durability of Hormipresa concrete ensures up to 150 years of zero maintenance costs.
  •  Thanks to our thermal insulation system, you will save more than 60% in energy efficiency and HVAC. An added value at the time of sale.
  • The value of a ten-year-old, precast concrete Hormipresa house, given that the material is highly valued in Spain, will always be higher than that of a conventional house built with another material.
  • Working with a team of Hormipresa professionals who are committed to your dreams and your home will ensure that your investment is effective.
  • By acting as a self-developer of your home and not a buyer, only 10% VAT is applied, instead of 21%. This represents a saving of 11% on tax.

Speed of execution

  • Certain and swift delivery deadlines, three times faster than traditional building projects, based on licences.
  • Very strict delivery deadlines.
  • A single architect will look after your interests, ensure your peace of mind and see that your dreams come to fruition, guiding you in the selection of finishes, type of home, materials and services.
  • A single point of contact who will save you time and ensure a stress-free experience.

The Hormipresa difference