For developers

We optimize the construction of promotions by providing industrialized construction solutions from the preliminary project phase.

We are experts. We work and put our experience and solutions at the service of promoters and builders of housing developments.

At Hormipresa we have experience and systems designed for each type of home:

  • One-family house
  • Semidetached houses
  • Terraced houses
  • Multi-family homes in blocks

Our system starts from open structures that adapt to the architect’s design. We participate in the development from the preliminary phases to optimize the construction process to the maximum. We have the ability to reduce deadlines with a fixed price from the conception phase.

Terraced houses

For the construction of semi-detached houses, we use the single-family construction system with the Arctic Wall and cellular plates.

This system allows maximum optimization in the execution of the work. In addition, the thermal inertia of the system, the thermal and acoustic insulation and the low maintenance, will make your promotion stand out compared to works carried out on site.

You will be able to anticipate the commercialization and reduce the financial risk by shortening the construction deadlines.


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Multi-family homes in blocks

For the construction of multi-family dwellings in height, we use the structural system type skeleton of pillars and girders with hollow core slabs.

It is a very versatile system, quick to assemble and that allows you to have open floors and a free distribution of spaces. The stairs are also prefabricated, as are elements such as balconies and architectural façade enclosures. A fast, reliable and efficient way to construct new multi-storey buildings.


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