Custom-made house

Tailored to your dreams

We put at your disposal a custom-made homes service to help you make your dream a unique place

Follow these steps

STEP 1: Contact

If you are interested in creating a custom-made home, get in touch with Hormipresa to order a preliminary project.

STEP 2: Preliminary project

Explain your needs to us and submit the urban planning documentation.
Within a period of 4 weeks, our architect will submit an initial proposal to you. At the same time, a topographic and geotechnical study will be carried out.
Once the necessary meetings have taken place to close the preliminary project for your house, we will prepare a turnkey construction price quote.

STEP 3: Execution

Contracting the building of your custom-made house with fixed price quote and deadline.
Our architects are responsible for the projects (basic and executive).
Once the licence is obtained, we start the process of manufacturing the precast concrete and building the house.

STEP 4: Handover of the keys

Welcome to your new home!