Why Hormipresa

Because we have been providing
precast concrete solutions
to the construction industry since 1972

We have been providing precast concrete solutions for more than 40 years to enable any kind of construction project to become a reality. From houses to stadiums: industrial premises, special buildings, car parks, schools, hospitals, shopping centres and superstores, recreational facilities and sports complexes.

Since our founding in Santa Coloma de Queralt (Tarragona) in 1972, HORMIPRESA’s vocation has been to design all kinds of projects.

Why Hormipresa?

  • Because having our own factory enables us to completely ensure the quality of our products.
  • Because we offer competitive prices and maximum guarantees and cost effectiveness.
  • Because we offer fixed price quotes.
  • Because our manufacturing processes are monitored by thorough and demanding quality controls.
  • Because by working with precast structures and systems, unlike traditional construction, we can ensure greater safety on the work site.
  • Because fewer workers are needed in the execution of works.
  • Because execution deadlines are shorter compared to traditional works.
  • Because we are a benchmark company in the sector, both in Spain and France, thanks to being able to offer unique products and the most advanced technology on the market.
  • Because we ensure fulfilment of execution deadlines.
  • Because we design open spaces that conventional buildings cannot offer.
  • Because our aesthetic results are unbeatable compared to other construction systems.

45 years of being pioneers

Hormipresa began operations in the 1970s and soon became a leading company in the construction of precast concrete homes.

In the 1980s, we continued to grow and develop products for non-residential and public buildings. These products are currently used for all kinds of construction, from industrial buildings and logistical facilities to shopping centres and schools.

We were the first company in Spain to develop the hollow-core slab, and currently, we offer the widest range of sections on the market, from a minimum 16 cm to 83 cm thickness, the latter being the only ones available on the market.

We have built more car parks in Spain
than any other company

Today, we can rightly claim to be the leading company in the construction of large car parks and the covering of roads: two examples of this are the construction of the Calle Serrano car park in Madrid and the covering of the Ronda de Dalt motorway in Barcelona.

Energy efficiency as the key
to Hormipresa’s success

Our enclosures, featuring thermal insulation systems integrated with thermal bridge breaks, ensure the highest energy efficiency and HVAC savings in buildings.

With this construction system, our sports centres and schools are more thermally comfortable, and we guarantee products stored in industrial buildings that house production processes in which the energy factor is a determining factor.

Do you know about our production centre?

Our precast concrete production centre is located on the El Pla de Santa Maria industrial estate (Tarragona), strategically located:

  • 25 km from Tarragona
  • 60 km from Lérida
  • 90 km from Barcelona
  • 180 km from Gerona
  • 200 km from Zaragoza
  • 270 km from Valencia
  • less than 500 km from Madrid and the Basque Country
  • and 400 km from Toulouse and Montpellier

From here, we ensure that we can offer HORMIPRESA’s full range of products, manufactured using a thorough process of technical control. We boast the most advanced industrial production equipment and this enables us to optimise and guarantee production processes without neglecting the quality of each of the elements.