Twin civil works beams

Twin civil works beams

Twin type beams are precast, pre-stressed, self-supporting and inverted T section concrete elements with variable flange of 60 to 120 cm high, also variable from 50 to 100 cm. When installed on site, they are attached to others or separated, and a corrugated metal sheet with a completely solid compression layer is positioned.

The steel parts, whose purpose is to distribute and connect to the core of the element, given their wedge shape and rough surface, ensure optimum monolithism and solidification with the compression layer made on site. The double rib provides the slab with high torsional stiffness and optimum transversal distribution of loads.

They are the only large beams produced in continuity without mould on metal tracks. They represent the ideal technical/construction solution for their economy, speed and performance when used for cladding, viaducts, bridges and large slabs, featuring as they do a completely flat intrados. This detail prevents turbulence and ventilation difficulties in long artificial tunnels.

The concrete used in their manufacture is HP-50 and the steel is type Y1860 S7. It is possible to manufacture them with other types of concrete and steel if the project so requires.