Sales Department

The technical sales team is responsible for dealing with technical and price enquiries in order to help customers find the best construction solution for their projects. It provides advice on our precast products and the most optimum application for each case.

It also works side by side with the engineer or architect responsible for the project with the aim of providing the best technical solution.

Assessment Department

In constant coordination with project sales representatives, this department is made up of a team of engineers responsible for assessing building projects and finding the best technical and price solution for each case.

This department calculates and designs the precast elements to be used in projects and creates sketches from which measurements can be taken in order to generate price quotes using our own element pre-dimensioning calculation tools.

Technical Department

A team consisting of structural, building and design engineers responsible for drafting final construction plans prior to manufacture.

It is also in charge of making final calculations, generating manufacturing sheets for all project elements and producing precast structure calculation reports for incorporation into the executive project.

HORMIPRESA has implemented BIM processes for the comprehensive management of its projects.

Production Department

Responsible for fabricating the precast elements from the manufacturing sheets supplied by the Technical Department.

Logistics Department

 Responsible for organising the appropriate delivery of loads to work sites according to the needs and priorities set by the works manager.

Assembly and Works

Department Consisting of works technicians and official managers, this department is responsible for the organisation, planning and assembly of structures prior to final delivery to the customer.