Placas Alveolares

Hollow-core slabs

The hollow-core slab is a flat surface element made from pre-stressed concrete with a constant thickness, lightened by means of longitudinal cavities and used for making floor slabs in both the residential and industrial sectors. It is also used as an enclosure and for building compartmentalisation due to its high fire-resistance capacity.

Hollow-core slabs have a standard width of 1,200 mm and can be manufactured with thicknesses ranging from 160 mm to 8,300 mm, depending on the technical needs for which they are designed.

Hollow-core slabs are manufactured with hooks for lifting and safety on site and with plastic plugs in the cavities to reinforce the support section and prevent the entry of infill concrete.

HORMIPRESA is the market leader in Spain for the manufacture of pre-stressed hollow-core slabs, both in terms of production capacity and range of thicknesses, and offers the market the highest load capacity, as well as large spans. All slabs are dimensioned for maximum economy of use and great ease of assembly.

HORMIPRESA has developed special thick hollow-core slabs (53.63 and 83 cm) designed for civil works. This type of slab is manufactured with shear reinforcement and shearing recesses on the upper side of the slab to adhere to the compression layer.

Specially designed to withstand considerable permanent earth loads and surface road traffic, complying with road construction regulations.

The concrete used in their manufacture is HP-50 and the steel is type Y1860 S7. It is possible to manufacture them with other types of concrete and steel if the project so requires.


TYPE E – 120/16

TYPE E – 120/20

TYPE E – 120/25

TYPE E – 120/30

TYPE E – 120/35

TYPE E – 120/40

TYPE E – 120/45

TYPE E – 120/50

TYPE TS/T/TN – 120/53

TYPE TS/T/TN – 120/63

TYPE TS/T/TN – 120/83

TYPE SP – 120/35