Architectural enclosure

Architectural enclosure

These are reinforced-concrete elements used for creating the enclosure of a building in which, due to architectural needs, the element modules do not have dimensions dictated by the type of mould available in the factory, but are produced in special, made-to-measure moulds for the specific project.

Architectural concrete façades speed up delivery times and provide buildings with stability, resistance and durability. They are also easy to recycle. For all of these reasons, they have become an essential element in current architecture.

They are available in a wide range of finishes. Concrete is a high-quality material that can acquire any shape, colour or texture. Its advantages, together with our experience in making moulds and our advanced technology, enable us to offer a final product of the highest quality.

Graphic Concrete is another of the different finishes that can be offered, a new way of producing surface patterns on concrete panels. Graphic Concrete™ is a patented technology that enables a hardening retardant to be applied to the surface of a special membrane. The method allows manufacturers of precast concrete pieces to produce high-quality concrete elements. The final result is a surface with an exposed aggregate finish. The surface finish is produced by the contrast between the smooth part of the piece and the surface treated with the retardant, where the finish of the exposed aggregate is exposed. A proven method, and safer than the traditional way of producing panels with exposed aggregate finishes.

The printed ‘paper’ without retardant provides a completely uniform smooth finish, the basis of the drawing. The ‘ink’ is the area where the retardant acts, leaving the internal aggregates exposed. Its high creativity comes from choosing different shades of the aggregate-cement mixture that make up the concrete, providing designers with more freedom and options.

Graphic Concrete™ enables concrete to be used in a new and stylish way, either by adding the desired pattern to a concrete surface from our collection, or by creating your own unique design.

The architectural panels are manufactured with high-quality reinforced concrete in grey or white, and a minimum strength of HA30. Mineral pigments and aggregates from a full range of colours, in addition to other additives to improve technical properties, can be added to the concrete.