More than four decades
at the service of the sector

We were founded in Tarragona in 1972 with the hope of offering precast concrete building design, production and assembly. With the passage of time, consistency and good work, Hormipresa has established itself as a benchmark company and leader in the European sector.

With more than 50 years of experience behind us, we specialise in the construction of industrial buildings, logistical facilities, multi-storey car parks, offices, schools, hospitals and turnkey houses.

250.000 m²
of floor space

Do you know our production centers?

Our precast concrete production centers are strategically located within the national territory in the provinces of Ciudad Real and Tarragona in order to give the greatest coverage to Spain, Portugal and South of France.

From our production centers we ensure to offer the full range of HORMIPRESA products, manufactured through an exhaustive process of technical control. We have the most advanced industrial equipment that allows to optimize and guarantee the productive processes, attending to the quality of each and every one of our products.


250,000 m2 of surface and more than 300 workers

It is in our factories where we begin to ensure the quality of our products. 25 hectares to produce more than 300,000 tons of precast concrete per year.



We become the first company capable of assembling a precast house in just 22 days.


We develop, for the first time in Spain, an insulated sandwich-type wall without thermal bridge.


We introduce the flat roof to the construction of industrial buildings.


We build the first precast underground car park.


We create the first keyed foundations to ensure embedding and concealed cantilevers.


We are the first company to develop a thick hollow-core slab (50 cm) designed to support heavy transport load trains on roads.


First use of threaded fixings in foundations.


Hollow-core slab support on piled retaining walls.


Use of a hollow-core slab as a retaining wall in car parks and buried buildings.


We develop the thickest hollow-core slab on the Spanish market (83 cm).


We introduce a new complete structural system for flat slab multi-storey buildings: Deltamix.


Introduction of an architectural enclosure finishing technique involving the inclusion of patterns and images on precast panels: Graphic Concrete.


We develop an extremely thick hollow-core slab (up to 100 cm) with protruding reinforcement to resist shearing forces.


Change in company shareholders.


31-cm-thick sandwich panel with PIR insulation for buildings.


Automation using a façade panel section carousel.


Opening of new sales offices in Barcelona.


New production center in Ciudad Real. Hormipresa Centro Sur new company of the group.


Creation of the Brand Corner brand; an industrial business group to which Hormipresa belongs.


50 years building with precast concrete.