Agricultural buildings

HORMIPRESA introduces into the agricultural market a new construction system of precast concrete farms, with which it innovates in many aspects and provides solutions to many of the needs of professionals in the agricultural sector. One of its main advantages is achieving an interior surface of smooth concrete that facilitates cleaning and disinfection tasks.

This totally smooth and obstruction-free surface is also very useful for preventing air turbulence and achieving optimum ventilation. Achieving a concrete enclosure with total internal thermal insulation is also a great improvement as it ensures the absence of thermal bridges. It is, without a doubt, an improvement in the design of a farm, both in ecological and economic aspects.

Each of these requirements can predetermine the design of an industrial building project, and this has led to the development of a large number of construction solutions over the years.

Industrial buildings stand out for being functional, open plan, considerably bright and orientated towards facilitating production and all activities related to it: the work of operators, internal transport, exit and entry of goods, etc.