• paisajismo


    Give your house the setting
    it deserves.

  • At Hormipresa we can help you improve your dream even further by modifying the visible, physical and mood-affecting features in the rural or urban site for your home.

    We guide you throughout the process to help you create your beautiful garden, providing the most attractive setting possible for your home, choose the natural features for the site and decide on the shape of the land and swimming pool, to refresh you whenever you feel the need.


    Landscaping requires good observational abilities and certain design skills, such as planning, creativity, organisation and imagination. The activity may be considered a rational process in which humans use nature as a tool to express themselves, while obtaining a variety of benefits. Landscaping is both an art and a science and includes such differing disciplines as architecture, agriculture, sociology and ecology.

  • The landscape is a part of us, our history and our culture. People feel the need to be surrounded by the landscape, either to counter the effects of the pollution or stress in our grey and bustling cities or as a means of conserving nature and its diversity. The aim is not just contemplation, but also experience and healthy, balanced living.