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  • It is distributed over two floors with different uses: the ground floor is the daytime area and the first floor is for night-time. The ground floor incorporates the basic requirements of a home: lounge-dining room, kitchen, bathroom and a multi-purpose room.

    The two levels are distributed perpendicularly, thus providing an exterior multi-purpose area for use as an outdoor porch or parking space.


    Having the basic core area on the ground floor means that construction is not necessary on the first floor. Furthermore, this independence means the first floor can be turned through 90º in relation to the ground floor to place the model in narrow parcels.


1 or 2 floors
166 m2 distributed over 1 or 2 floors. With 4 or 5 bedrooms and 2 or 3 bathrooms.


Possibility of adding an underground garage, 83 m2 or 106 m2 in size. Permits future modular extension.


More than 20 varieties for interior distribution. Extension to 1 or 2 floors with surface areas ranging from 109m2 to 170m2.


Possibility of choosing the finishes.


Maximum energy savings
Upper thermal insulation, use of sunlight and natural cross ventilation.


White architectural
concrete base
With optional colour dye and no maintenance required for the finish.


Construction time
Hormipresa will build your home
in 5 months.


1 floor (97 m2)
2 floors (166 m2)

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  • Maximum comfort at a minimum price

    Discover a new generation of smart homes.

  • A minimalist design, functional and flexible in its distribution. Its finishes are of the highest quality and incorporate the latest technological advances in energy efficiency.



    Its structure and façades made from industrialised architectural concrete do not require maintenance by painting.