Attached houses

    Your home for life.

  • The same construction technology as for detached chalets, i.e. concrete panels and hollow slabs for the walls and ceilings, is used to produce a type of terraced housing adapted to the initial project. The attachment systems and details provide stability to the structural system. This system is known as ‘load-bearing walls’. The houses are built on suitable, traditional foundations. The exterior and interior finishing can be completely traditional. The façade walls are 25 cm thick, the dividing wall can be 15 cm thick, with a maximum size of 750 x 300 cm, using special contour systems with indeterminate joints at the sides and the corresponding ceilings, providing excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. The ceilings are made of prestressed hollow slab.


    Hormipresa uses reinforced concrete for this type of construction, based on large panels for walls and hollow slab floors, permitting large spans (up to 10-12 m) and façades made of texturised architectural concrete for cladding or painting. The stairs between floors are also usually industrialised. This technology offers architects complete flexibility in the design, in the knowledge that the strength, insulation and quality will always be of the highest standard.