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    Energy efficiency

    Homes with energy certification.

  • The Hormipresa system offers savings of around 70% in heating and air-conditioning costs. The system developed by our R and D department avoids thermal bridges in the home and improves exterior cladding: insulation thickness on the façade and roofs, quality joinery and more.

    This represents money savings and substantial improvements in home comfort levels.

  • Save up to 50-60%
    in energy consumption

    The following energy cost reductions for
    air-conditioning and heating are obtained:



75% savings
In heating consumption,
with the Hormipresa system.


60% savings
In air-conditioning consumption,
with the Hormipresa system.


We use the highest quality finishes, incorporating state-of-the-art energy efficiency technology. Interior distribution makes maximum use of sunlight and natural cross ventilation.


A highly environmentally-friendly manufacturing and construction process.

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    Óptima Hormipresa houses

    Switching to geothermal or biomass energy obtain level A efficiency.

    Conventional houses have a maximum of level E.

  • Heating and air-conditioning systems



Geothermal energy
Geothermal energy is one of the forms of renewable energies with the most future potential. It consists of capturing energy or heat in the ground and rocks. This is used to heat or cool the home and produce domestic hot water.

How it works: A heat pump makes use the energy, transforming it into heat or cooling for the home. The process involves a closed circuit in which heat is transmitted by a refrigerant liquid.


Aerothermal energy
Aerothermal energy consists of using the energy in the air around us. This type of energy is constantly renewed through the energy from the sun gathered in the Earth’s crust.

How it works: The energy is used through heat pumps, specially designed to obtain maximum energy from outdoor air in very severe climates, both in winter and summer. It is used for heating and producing domestic hot water.


Biomass is a type of renewable energy obtained from organic and industrial material produced from biological processes.

How it works: A pellet (small cylinders of solid biomass) boiler is an excellent system for producing hot water and heating. It offers very high performance and very low emissions.


Pellet and solar energy in combination
Solar installations are the perfect complement to pellet boilers. The combination provides extremely high levels of energy efficiency.