• Construction details

    casas de diseño prefabricadas, Hormipresa

  • This is Hormipresa’s greatest area
    of experience in construction

  • These are traditional houses made of large concrete panels and hollow slab ceilings. They can be built extremely quickly on any terrain and, once the industrialised structure has been assembled, they are finished using traditional methods. Customers can choose their interior and exterior finishes from a wide range of options. The houses are built on an appropriate foundation system. If there is no basement or garage, a suspended floor is built to insulate the house from the ground and provide a ventilated air chamber.

    The sandwich walls are 31 cm thick with a 15 cm reinforced concrete panel, 9 cm of thermal continual insulation with no thermal bridge and 7 cm of white architectural concrete for the exterior façade. These walls have special contour systems to produce indeterminate joints at the sides and in the corresponding ceilings. The ceilings are made of prestressed hollow slab, permitting free spaces with spans of up to 11 m while fully guaranteeing strength and rigidity.

  • Below is a diagram of the traditional layout
    for the prefabricated structures of a Hormipresa house:



  • These elements make our houses the most advanced homes on the market.

    Our construction solutions ensure the well-being of our customers.

  • detalles-constructivos

Bullets-petit-01Reinforced architectural concrete sandwich panels, 31 cm-thick (15 + 8 + 8), with insulation incorporated and avoiding thermal bridges.

Bullets-petit-02Channels embedded in the 15-cm concrete layer for fittings.

Bullets-petit-03Joint frame for reinforced concrete walls and connectors.

Bullets-petit-04Connection box between panels.

Bullets-petit-05Prestressed hollow slab.

Bullets-petit-06Thermal insulation.

Bullets-petit-07Self-levelling mortar layer. Support for the final flooring.

Bullets-petit-08Definitive flooring, parquet, ceramic tile or other.

Bullets-petit-09Skirting board for parquet, ceramic tile or other.

Bullets-petit-10Support with metal guides anchored to the concrete structure.

Bullets-petit-11Interior partitions 7.5 or 10 cm thick, with acoustic and thermal insulation.

Bullets-petit-12Metal boat beam for openings in the floor.

Bullets-petit-13Joint frame between hollow slabs.