Structural system

  • Using proprietary technology, Hormipresa has perfected the structural system it uses today, consisting of pillar, concrete girder and hollow slab for use in constructing multi-storey buildings, and has created the Deltamix™ system.

    The major difference compared to the Esqueletor™ system lies in its key element: the mixed Deltabeam™ girder. This is a high added-value element, manufactured by the Finnish company Peikko, which, unlike concrete beams, limits sag under the floor to less than 3 cm. This is a major advantage in buildings where such limitation can save on the total height of the building and thus reduce the surface area to be covered by the façade or false ceiling.


    It is a system that can be combined perfectly with Esqueletor™, in situations where reducing the sag in girders from 20 cm to 2 cm offers major savings in the overall construction.

    The system guarantees sufficient rigidity to easily withstand assembly loads, with no bracing required, and withstand horizontal stress when in service once the structural joints are made.

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