• viga-twin-copia

    Civil Twin™ beams

  • Civil Twin™ beams are prefabricated precompressed self-bearing concrete elements with a regular inverted T cross-section, a variable wing from 60 to 120 cm and a variable height of 50 to 100 cm.

    They are used on site already attached (thus obtaining a flat soffit) or separated by a compression layer that is either completely solid or made lighter by grooved metal sheets.

    The irregular shape and rough surface of the steel distribution and element core connection parts ensure their solid, monolithic binding to the compression layer produced on site. The double ribbing provides the floor slab with high torsional stiffness and optimum transverse load distribution.


    This is the only beam to be produced continuously without a mould, on metal tracks. Its economy, speed and qualities make it the ideal technical/construction solution for roofing, viaducts, bridges and large floors, with a completely flat soffit. This detail prevents turbulence and ventilation problems in long artificial tunnels.