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    Load-bearing panels

  • These are elements of the façade that, as well as cladding the building, act as structural elements that assist the building in technical terms and improve manufacture, transport and on-site assembly operations. This is because they are elements that act as a combination of pillars, girder and wall which, if the building architecture so permits, provides significant technical improvement. For some time it has been the most commonly used element in the industrialisation of residential building in most of northern Europe.

    In many cases, the load-bearing panels consist of three layers: a concrete, structural, load-bearing layer and another which acts as a skin or ventilated façade. These are separated by a middle layer of a thermal insulation material, such as rock wool.


    The characteristics and thickness of these materials vary and are flexible so they can be adapted to specific insulation needs, providing results that far exceed traditional construction.

    In addition, tubes or boxes for subsequent electrical fittings, boxes for blinds and other products required on site can easily be incorporated into the load-bearing panel. This makes it an element offering significant innovation in the building sector and one that has been used for many years by Hormipresa and in the north of Europe.