• panell-grafic-concrete

    Graphic Concrete™ panels

  • Graphic Concrete™ offers a new way of producing surface finish patterns on concrete panels. The patented Graphic Concrete™ technology is based on applying a setting retarder on the surface of a special membrane. This method allows manufacturers of prefabricated concrete parts to produce high-quality concrete elements. The end result is a surface with visible modelled aggregate. The surface modelling is produced by the contrast between the smooth areas of the piece and the surface attacked by the retarder, leaving just the visible concrete aggregate finish. This is a tested and safer method than the traditional production method using visible aggregate finish.


    The ‘paper’ without retarder provides a completely smooth, even finish, as the base of the pattern. The ‘ink’ is the surface affected by the retarder, leaving the interior aggregate visible. It permits a high degree of creativity in choosing different tones in the aggregate-cement concrete mix, offering designers more freedom and options.

    Graphic Concrete™ uses concrete in a stylish new way, and you can either add a pattern to a concrete surface from our collection or create your own unique design.