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  • The Deltabeam™ is a hollow steel box girder with is cemented in placed during construction, together with the joints to the hollow slabs. This avoids sag and provides a slim floor.

    The Deltabeam™ is the result of over 10 years’ work by the Finnish company Peikko Oy. This company has developed a mixed self-bearing beam that does not require additional fire protection.

    The steel and concrete combine in complete harmony. The cutting joint between girder and concrete creates an interaction that is guaranteed by the special geometry of the hollows.


    The Deltabeam™ is manufactured with the appropriate camber to control the final deformity of the floor. A number of tests prove that the interaction is complete. In the final structure, the concrete filling of the girder helps compress the resulting compound section.

    Corrugated bars fitted in the factory inside the Deltabeam™ help fireproof the structure.