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    At Hormipresa, we have been working
    for more than 40 years to consolidate
    our leadership in prefabricated
    concrete construction.

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  • Speed of execution, a wide variety of models and strict observance of agreed budgets and delivery times are our strongest points. Prefabricated chalets and houses, prefabricated industrial buildings and a large number of unique buildings built with prefabricated concrete demonstrate that our work provides solutions that ensure any kind of project becomes a reality.

    The Hormipresa industrial complex is fitted with the very latest facilities.


    Industrialised manufacture of concrete elements has major advantages, such as significant reductions in production costs and greater safety in the materials used.

    From the conception of the idea to the end of the project, once the right system has been chosen for the customer’s need our team of experts design the basic adaptations, incorporating the elements that give the construction project its own personality and advanced design.

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    To offer industrialised solutions in prefabricated concrete that innovate and improve the construction industry and cover the needs of the domestic market. In this way, we provide maximum satisfaction for our customers and maximum profitability for the company.


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To be the leading industrial company in the domestic market in high added-value building.


Complete solutions
To work as a team together with suppliers and industrial companies to offer turn-key building projects with a single coordinator for the process.


To use the value of the knowledge Hormipresa has acquired over the years to offer solutions at an international level.

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Success and full satisfaction for our customers.

Profitability for the owners.


Attention to our employees.


Flexibility, competitiveness, quality, safety and service.


Innovation and continual improvement.

Teamwork, professionalism and well-being.

  • Hormipresa has been awarded



AENOR certification


Business management system based on standard ISO 9001. This system is certified by the Spanish Standardisation and Certification System (AENOR).


AIDICO certification


CE marking for its products, guaranteeing safety in all their specified uses. The certificate is issued by AIDICO Certification.


DAU certification


Document of suitability for use (DAU) for the Hormipresa house structure and walls, based on concrete panels. This technical suitability document for Europe is certified by the Catalan Institute of Construction Technology (ITeC).


AIDICO certification


Concrete production control for prefabricated parts, as per standard EHE-08 requirements. The certificate is issued by AIDICO Certification.