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  • Hormipresa offers architects the opportunity to use its innovative construction system involving industrialised concrete parts created specifically for house-building, already used for over 2,000 homes in Spain.

    This system consists of two main elements: sandwich load-bearing walls for the façade and prestressed hollow slab for flooring. These are complemented by a number of linear elements adaptable to all kinds of construction detail.

    Among the different construction systems Hormipresa has to offer, HDS provides a flexible solution adaptable to any kind of project designed by external architects looking to apply the advantages of concrete prefabricated parts in the execution of their architectural design. After getting in touch with the company, Hormipresa will provide architects with all the technical solution the system has to offer to cover the architectural requirements of their designs.

  • The numerous qualities of the Hormipresa system include efficiency in thermal insulation, thanks to the shape, thickness and continuity of the material, which is inserted between the architectural concrete face (total sandwich panel façade) and the structural concrete face (interior panel leaf) in the factory. Thus the thermal insulation is continuous and eliminates thermal bridges, providing a total panel transmittance U = 0,25 W/m2K.

    Other outstanding advantages of the system include improved control of the project design and building work from the technical office, fast construction, greater safety control and less on-site waste in the building work.